Five Core Steps Marketing Funnel in 2 minutes

Hey this is matt from digimate and we’re going through the five steps plus a quick description

So the five steps to a marketing funnel is awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy!

This is the objective of the first funnel step is to inform your target audience that your product exists explain in detail its functions and improve both brand recognition and visibility to be helpful.

Creating content that’s tailor-made for their situation in this situation or in this way, customers will apply product or service to their advantage. Please note content plays a huge role in both awareness and consideration invest time in developing and promoting your publications and you almost immediately will create conversions!

So converting your content has definitely helped those in the second stage to think about having a quick solution to their recurring issues the funnel is now smaller because you can identify the candidates who will strongly consider purchasing your products in the conversion steps you have to urge your customers to make the purchase courage them in other words.

Loyalty is one of the reasons why all companies hire or outsource their customer service department it does guarantee excellent returns for the long term if you want to make sure your customers stay loyal then give them excellent content.

The most effective marketing medium today is still word of mouth or referral marketing you will trust the statement of a person close to you rather than the statement of a salesperson or users with positive reviews about the product or service of the internet

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